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Our staff

Edgar Nolasco, Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency Director

Edgar Nolasco

Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency Director

Edgar manages all CEPA’s functions and ensures efficiency for all CEPA’s departments.

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Dr. Nayer Zahiri, Vector Control District Manager

Dr. Nayer Zahiri

Vector Control District Manager

Nayer oversees our surveillance and operations programs, budget allocation, and resource recruitment.

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Dr. Babak Ebrahimi, Assistant Manager

Dr. Babak Ebrahimi

Assistant Manager

Babak manages field operations and ensures we implement Integrated Pest Management strategies.

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Noor, Technology Service Manager

Dr. Noor Tietze

Vector Control Science - Technology Service Manager

Noor leads our surveillance program. He is in charge of managing our fellow and intern program, helps register our staff for educational workshops, and is a treasurer for the Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California.

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Sutapa Biswas, Program Manager 1

Sutapa Biswas

Program Manager I

Sutapa has a Bachelor of Science in zoology, a Master of Science in environmental science from India, and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University.

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Dr. Lewis Hun, Program Manager 1

Dr. Lewis Hun

Program Manager I

Lewis manages day-to-day operations, team safety, and team development. He holds master’s degree in insect science, and a doctoral degree in entomology and biochemistry.

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Richard, Vector Control Operations Supervisor

Richard Shatzel

Vector Control Operations Supervisor

Richard has dedicated over 14 years to vector control work and protecting public health.

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Alma De La Vara, IT Manager

Alma De La Vara

IT Manager

Alma oversees the IT department and manages IT operations, special projects, and IT vendors.

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Steffan Thomas, Department Fiscal Officer

Steffan Thomas

Department Fiscal Officer

Steffan oversees budgeting, payroll, and accounts payable for us and all CEPA divisions.

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Field Operations 

E. Ayala – Technician 

D. Brooks – Technician 

L. Chiu – Technician 

A. Escobar – Technician 

A. Garcia – Technician 

S. Hwangbo – Technician

H.  Khan – Technician

J. Liu – Technician 

B. McFarland – Technician 

B. Pham  – Technician 

D. Pineda – Technician 

L. Pineda – Technician 


Y. Rodriguez – Technician 

E.  Roth – Technician 

M. Thaopraseuth – Technician 

V. Ushikubo – Technician 

R. Williams – Technician 

A. Young– Technician 

P. Bernil - Operations Aide

J. Chang – Operations Aide 

K. Tran - Operations Aide

R. Tran - Operations Aide

M. Vahidi – Operations Aide 

K. Vazquez – Operations Aide 


S. Hofer - Vector Control Ecologist

T. Kelly – Vector Control Ecologist 

V. Phillips – Vector Control Ecologist 


M. Fass – Office Specialist 

S. Morales – Office Specialist 


B. Perez – Vector Control Community Resource Specialist 

Facilities and Materials 

A. Escobar  – Facilities and Materials Coordinator