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Adult mosquito control treatment to suppress West Nile virus activity in parts of San José (ZIP codes 95110, 95112 and 95125) on 9/18/23

Mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus (WNV)  have been detected in a portion of San José.  When these infected mosquitoes bite humans, they can transmit the virus which can cause serious illness. 

To reduce the threat to you and your family, we will be reducing the population of mosquitoes with a localized adult mosquito control treatment in parts of the 95110, 95112, and 95125 ZIP codes. The treatment will use truck-mounted equipment and is scheduled to begin Monday, September 18 around 10PM and last about four hours.

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Our mosquito-management program largely focuses on preventing mosquitoes from reaching the adult biting stage by proactively targeting immature stages of mosquitoes found in standing water. However, when a mosquito with WNV is detected, we take the added step of conducting adult-mosquito-control treatments.

It is critical that we conduct adult mosquito control treatments upon finding a positive mosquito. Any delay in the adult mosquito control treatment would present an imminent threat to public health and safety. This could expose the public to potential vector-borne injury, or even death. The adult mosquito control treatments reduce the mosquito population in the area, which decreases the risk of a WNV-human infection.

Pesticides used for adult mosquito control treatment on 9/18/23

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